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Social Network «». For those who think. Description and declaration

«» is a themed megablog dedicated to wide anti-globalism topic. It’s a community of different people who see and intellectually oppose to threats of globalization. Common standards of social and political behavior, nutrition, beauty, and even way of thinking - all those satellites of the global world lead us to totalitarianism.

Creative and thinking people are in the locomotive of our audience: bloggers, students and teachers, scientists, journalists, artists, writers ... And surely they are politically active people. Their affections can be different if they fit into the principles of anti-globalization and anti-totalitarianism. A totalitarian society in which individuals’ and entire peoples’ will is suppressed seems to be one of the worst scenarios of human development.

Fantastic "matrix" is already becoming reality. We are connected to chips and glasses augmenting reality. Armies of drones, shown in the «Terminator», are already here. We have science that destroys nature, but can’t feed hundreds of millions starving, can’t take over diseases. Military space technology and Hadron Collider are contemporaries of Africa starving and dying from AIDS. Supertechnologies evolving with a breakneck pace, but ultimately serve the interests of governments and a handful of rich people.

Social network «» is a platform to discuss al of it. We are linked by understanding the necessity of freedom of choice, expression and information. Here we are free to share our opinions. We're not trying to challenge the advantages of technological progress, stop it and destroy the machine. But we want to reduce the cost of global peace.

Globalization is inevitable like moving of the sun. "" is not against the sun, but offers sunglasses to save your eyes. "" is created for people who can think independent.

We are told that topics such as world government, the Masons, the Illuminati, private clubs, secret orders and lodges, alternative history can be discussed only among the marginalized, ill and paranoid people ... Do you have such stuff in mind? Then you're sick. And have you thought about aliens? That’s really bad, call the doctor!
A healthy person from the point of view of the consumer society is a brainless entity that satisfies only its hunger, lust and other pleasure centers.

They take a human as headless carcass connected to the TV-set. We say there surely will be lunatics among us, but not a brainless one! And if the world government has to exist, it shall be open and working on international treaty basis, connected to the UN. It can’t be a closed club of tycoons, serving the economies of "golden billion" developed countries.
The elderly billionaire investing in technology for his own immortality is far more crazy than the poor man who makes time to read science fiction. Of course, there is no institutionalized "world government". But simple analysis of capitalization of the largest TNCs (transnational corporations) shows that their economies are comparable to national.

The turnover of international shopping network "Walmart" caught up with the level of the Russian Federation budget. Who can deny that those cute merchants are making politics? Not to mention the raw TNCs that redraw the boundaries of the world during the second half of the 20th century. Please don’t make out with our brains: there is no world government, but there is a dark shadow that it casts.

Social network «» is a broad community of those who want to see the open, diverse and not totalitarian world. We would immediately like to go beyond the narrow club of professional politicians and anti-globalization activists. While they are at the forefront of a multipolar political world, there are much more of us, thinkers. And we need a free choice, not only in politics but in all spheres of human life as well.

Anti-globalism has no strict philosophical canons, it is a way of thinking. It brings together different people who defend personal or collective uniqueness and the right to choose an alternative. Let all the flowers bloom.

«» is space for debate, not a military camp. Posts justifying terrorism or other forms of illegitimate violence use, methods called extremist by international or national law, will be removed. Accounts of authors will be destroyed.

Breaking out of the Velcro of consumerist world and help others to do so. Globalization, standardization and degradation or anti-globalization, diversity and development? Share your thoughts, write to «».

E-mail for communication: development team.

Social network «» is international, independent, non-governmental and non-profit project. It is created and developed by enthusiasts. policy is defined completely by users, and content is formed with their free publications.